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2. Verify your Business

3. AI suggest your Service

AI Proposal


  • Customer websites are only suggested suitable offers
  • automated AI quality check
  • guaranteed satisfaction and payout
  • no customer contact necessary


  • Verification as provider
  • some working examples

Other Marketplaces

Customer chooses himself 
Only customers who know exactly what service you need are reached. 

Star rating
Avoiding bad ratings is the primary goal, not quality or customer satisfaction. 

Costly customer contact
To get an order, a lot of communication is done and often not successful. 

Question & Answers
for Vendor

There are some law requirements.
We need to know you and your Business exists. You must provide some proof like an ID card, registration and later for payouts a verified bank account.   

You get a clear, detailed order generated by our AI based on Data.
Send your report or result and automated processes check if the order was fulfilled.  

Not needed. The AI gives you a clear order based on data. If something is unclear, you can contact our support for vendors.